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so not sure what i'm doing... I think I covered every step of the process though. let me know if I didn't.

TENTATIVE DEADLINE: AUGUST 30th (School starts August 31st so...yeah)

α PHASE ALPHA: story and design

Art Direction/Design/Previs:
-Lighting design
-Title design ^_^

-Solid written story
-Rough storyboards
-illustrative "final look" beatboards
-Animatic (flash and/or AE)

β PHASE BETA: asset creation and shot construction/layout

3D Assets:
-rough camera movement

2D Assets:
-Matte paintings

γ PHASE GAMMA: Animation

-3D animation (camera and character)
-Dynamic animation
-2D character animation (flash to photoshop to after effects)
-2D effects animation

δ PHASE DELTA: Final lighting/rendering, Compositing

-Light and render animated scenes (color, occlusion, depth of field in mental ray)
-composite 2D assets/animation
-composite matte paintings/effects
-color correction

ε PHASE EPSILON: Sound design

-uhhh get someone else to do this for us
-simple sound effects
-soundtrack (whatever song we pick)

ζ PHASE ZETA: we win